Fri, 24-05-2019


PT. PLUIT MAKMUR LESTARI (PML) is a private company that was founded in 1976 with the name of PT. PLUIT MAKMUR in Jakarta, and changed its name to PT. PLUIT MAKMUR LESTARI in 1986.
PML is engaged in manufacturing PVC and HDPE pipes and accessories. Since its establishment until now, the company has begun to expand in almost all parts of Indonesia. PML has procured a lot of PVC Pipes (Standard SNI and JIS), HDPE and Telkom (Telkom Standards) along with its Accessories well for about three decades in Construction, Environmental Management, Plantation, High-Energy, Sanitary, Mechanical and Electrical projects. from government agencies, private agencies, institutions and on behalf of individuals.
And we will continue to procure Pipes on these projects, but not limited to projects:

  1. Clean Water and Dirty Water Networks.
  2. Building Water Treatment Plants & Complementary Buildings.
  3. Drainage & Irrigation Networks.
  4. Sanitation Installation in the High Building.
  5. The Rural Clean Water Project (PNPM and Pamsimas).